Snuggler Chair, Cuddle Chair, Loveseat, whatever you want to call them are a wonderfully versatile furniture solution to your decor dilemmas.

Larger than an Armchair, but smaller than a full blown Sofa, the Snuggler Chair is in that Wonderful middle ground. I like to think of them as the Goldilocks of the furniture world, Not too big, not too small, but just right!

Some people turn to a Snuggler Chair or Loveseat as they are short of space and are looking for a smart seating solution to make the most of what they have. Others are drawn to them from a design standpoint, A well placed interesting Armchair will totally transform a bland and boring space. The beauty of the Snuggler Chair is that you can use them to display your artistic side, without the need for co-ordinating the decor of the whole room around them, as you do with a sofa set.

Whatever your planning, there’s sure to be a Cuddle Chair which is up to the job. Loveseats for the living room, a Snuggler Chair with fold out Snuggler Bed for the Guest Room, A swivelling Leather Snuggler in the study, and You’ll even find Cane Cuddle Chairs for use in the garden or conservatory.

As their name suggests the Snuggler Chair is the height of comfort. After a hard days work you can look forward to slouching down into your Snuggler Chair with your loved one to watch a good film with a glass of wine and some chocs, or if your feeling like you need ultimate comfort simply drape your legs over each end, lie back and relax.

Stylish, Easy to fit into your living space, comfortable and classic. A Snuggler Chair is the perfect Armchair all rounder, and a purchase you won’t regret.

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